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“Rebecca Warner gives you the low-down on the challenges and benefits of creating an Earth-friendly garden in The Sustainable-Enough Garden. This book is not only warm and friendly, it’s also eye-opening and educational. Rebecca's journey toward sustainability teaches many valuable lessons every home gardener can benefit from.” 

- Jessica Walliser, author of Attracting Beneficial Bugs to Your Garden: A Natural Approach to Pest Control (Timber Press, 2014) and Good Bug, Bad Bug (St. Lynn’s Press, 2nd ed. 2011)

This charming book was written for everyone who loves to garden but does so under the stress that comes from a busy life. With tales of both mistakes and successes, the author explains how she found a path that saved time and effort by discovering how she could cooperate with the living things--from insects to soil organisms—that inhabit her garden and its surroundings.
 The pleasure for the reader lies in the book's personal narrative. As she discusses topics that concern all gardeners, Ms. Warner takes us with her on her paths of discovery, complete with "backsliding and trials of ideas that flopped."
 The stories move from the difficulties of composting to successful soil management, the steps in adding native plants and concern for the sources of plants now sold in nurseries to patience in living with pests, managing the lawn, and controlling water demand . . .
 Each topic joins sensible established garden practices with adjustments rising from a concern for both the local and the global environment. Altogether this small book offers a “middle path between convenience and sustainability” that both educates and shares the perspective of suburban gardeners. 

-Diana Kleiner, historian and gardener

“This is a lovely book, beautifully written and packed with information about how to make your garden as beautiful as it can be without spending a fortune in the process. It's a great addition to my gardening library. I'm also thinking of buying copies for friends who garden.”

-Christine Aquilino, habitat gardener and garden columnist for the Arlington Advocate

“The Sustainable-Enough Garden offers an honest account of Warner's struggles to achieve her environmental gardening goals without giving up her day job or breaking the bank. In doing so, she offers a road forward that balances idealism with practicality in making choices that work for each individual's own gardening landscape and lifestyle. Thoroughly 'user friendly' in tone, organization and presentation, The Sustainable-Enough Garden covers . . . the nitty-gritty details of how Warner came to her decisions; applying the latest scientific information; giving detailed descriptions of new techniques she tried; and following up on how they worked . . . A reader-friendly guide from cover to cover, The Sustainable-Enough Garden is very highly recommended and practical reading for novice and experienced gardeners alike.”

-Midwest Book Review