I’m a home gardener like you. We have limited time and energy for gardening, so we have to make choices and set priorities. I’ll recount my journey toward sustainable gardening and how I settled on the new methods I selected. Listeners can use my experiences to help set their own goals for gardening sustainably.

Topics covered include:

  •  A simple method for making compost and improving soil
  • Easy ways to make mulch from free materials you can find close to home
  •  A time-saving, earth-friendly way to prepare beds for annuals and vegetables 
  • A quick recipe for making non-peat potting mix to use for your containers

Thinking Globally, Acting in Your Own Yard

What we do in our gardens can make a real difference for the environment. In this talk I’ll propose replacing some of your lawn with smart, attractive alternatives.

I'll explain how growing less lawn and more of the plants you love  can:

  • reduce pollution and energy use
  • conserve water
  • prevent storm water runoff

Welcoming Native Plants and Insects to Your Garden

Talks Available


Easy First Steps To An Earth-Friendly Garden

In this talk I explain why we need native plants to support native insects in our gardens. I'll show how you can add natives to enhance your garden without giving up the plants you love.

Topics covered include:

  • choosing beautiful plants to attract beneficial insects and pollinators
  • the truth about native plants, the good citizens and the thugs
  • leaf-eating insects, why the right balance helps your garden
  • garden maintenance tricks to make your yard hospitable to the right insects