Your Beautiful Earth-Friendly Garden

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I’m a home gardener like you. We have limited time and energy for gardening, so we have to make choices and set priorities. I’ll recount my journey toward sustainable gardening and how I settled on the new methods I selected. Listeners can use my experiences to help set their own goals for gardening sustainably.

Topics covered include:

  •  A simple method for making compost and improving soil
  • Easy ways to make mulch from free materials you can find close to home
  •  A time-saving, earth-friendly way to prepare beds for annuals and vegetables 
  • A quick recipe for making non-peat potting mix to use for your containers


In this introduction to sustainable gardening, I explain how home gardeners can put our environmental principles into practice with some easy adjustments to our approach. I’ll describe how I transitioned from traditional practices to methods that support a healthy garden ecosystem. 

Examples covered in this slide talk include:

  • Imitating natural processes by choosing native plants as the foundation of your garden’s food web
  • Cycling materials by making compost and mulch from free ingredients you can find close to home
  • Avoiding energy use, waste, and pollution by tweaking your lawn care practices 

Four Easy First Steps Toward A Sustainable Garden