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The Sustainable-Enough Garden

Have you ever tried to put expert advice on sustainable gardening into practice and found it was harder than you expected? Lots of us would like to apply our environmental principles to gardening, but there’s a limit to how much time and energy we can spend on sustainable practices. So we choose a middle path, making changes where we can. If you’ve run into snags with compost that won’t rot in its bin or native plants that either dwindle or try to take over the yard, join the club. This book is for you.

 Instead of handing down edicts that make you feel inadequate, The Sustainable-Enough Garden tells the story of an amateur weekend gardener’s circuitous path toward creating a sustainable ornamental garden. Follow Rebecca as she tries out new techniques, seeks out information, and weighs gardening decisions, trying to do the right thing for the earth without breaking the bank or quitting her day job. Her real-life experiences will help you choose your own way of gardening sustainably.

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